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2014 State of the Nation's River Report: River Friendly Growth

Potomac Conservancy's 2014 State of the Nation's River report calls for urgent action to preserve local water quality in the face of rapid urbanization. The report takes a close look at emerging threats to the Potomac and offers common sense solutions for clean water. Download the report. 

Recent USGS Research

Fsh exposed to estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals may have increased susceptibility to infectious disease. Read the Technical Announcement...

Jeff Kelble named president of Potomac Riverkeeper, Inc.

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Fishing Contest

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2014 Results

Section 1, Biggest Fish: George Moran, 20.5"
Section 1, Best 5 Fish: Dave Lockard - 84"
Section 2, Biggest Fish: Bill Pearl - 19"
Section 2, Best 5 Fish: Bill Pearl - 84.5"
Section 3, Biggest Fish: Wayne Tate - 20"
Section 3, Best 5 Fish: Bill Pearl - 84"
Largest on Fly: Wayne Tate - 20"
Best 5 fish on Fly: Randy Chandler - 75"
Largest by New Member: John Aucella - 19"
William Shriver Award: Bill Pearl - 176.5"
Grover Cleveland Award: George Moran - 20.5"

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Got Shad?

Shad season is upon us. To receive Shad Reports from National Capitol Chapter of Trout Unlimited, send  email to with "SHAD" in the subject line.

Next Meeting

When: 4/29/2015 @ 7:30 PM
Program: Joe Bruce
Location: Vienna Fire Station, 400 Center St. South, Vienna, VA
Doors open at 7:00

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Now in our 27th year!

Founded in 1988 and now in its 27th year, the Potomac River Smallmouth Club (PRSC) is the Washington D.C. area's leading river fishing and conservation organization. We promote catch and release angling for smallmouth bass, support conservation organizations and agencies, publish a monthly newsletter, present monthly programs with guest speakers, and organize river trips for our members.  ...more 

Joe Bruce returns to PRSC

April 29th

Joe Bruce is a writer, former tackle shop owner and fly designer who visited the club in March 2014 to speak about snakehead fishing. This year Joe will come ready to discuss another topic near and dear to his heart: smalllmouth fishing. As those of you who attended last year's talk know, Joe is an engaging and informative speaker with decades of experience.

Joe Bruce started fly fishing some 50+ years ago, and soon after started to tie his own flies. He developed a love of designing flies that has never left him. A half century of fishing has given Joe a pretty good understanding of fish and their environment.  He opened The Fisherman’s Edge Fly Shop in 1989 and it existed for 15 years before he decided to retire and play more. Joe estimates that over the years he has helped thousands of folks to enjoy fly fishing. In retirement, Joe became a freelance writer and authored four books and numerous booklets on fly fishing and tying. Among other designs, Joe has developed some interesting adaptations of classic trout streamer patterns for bass fishing. This is one meeting you won't want to miss.