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Check out Shenandoah Riverkeeper Facebook post on DuPont's proposed clean-up plan to reduce the mercury in South River and South Fork Shenandoah. Instructions are provided for public cmment. Then make sure your representatives in Richmond are aware that you as an avid outdoor person, user of Virginia's outdoor resources and voter are aware of this issue and keep a watch on the Shenandoah Riverkeeper Website and Facebook page for news about this.

Former club President John Lipetz and long-time member Jay Eiche were interviewed in this article about efforts by Shenandoay Riverkeeper Jeff Kelble to have the Shenandoah placed on the "impaired waters" list. Read the article.

"Smallmouth bass do not tolerate pollution well. Therefore they are an indicator of water quality." This is the starting premise of the Chesapeake Bay Foudation's important new report, The Link Between Smallmouth Bass Mortality and Disease and the Need to Reduce Water Pollution in Chesapeake Bay Tributaries. Everyone concerned with water quality in the Cheapeake Bay watershed should read this report.

Download the Potomac Conservancy's 2012 State of the Nation's River Report.

Questions remain 10 years after devastating fish kills on the Shenandoah.


Fishing Contest

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2013 Results

Section 1, Biggest Fish: No entry
Section 1, Best 5 Fish: John Lipetz - 87"
Section 2, Biggest Fish: George Moran - 19"
Section 2, Best 5 Fish: Randy Chandler - 87"
Section 3, Biggest Fish: Bill Pearl - 20.5"
Section 3, Best 5 Fish: Bill Pearl - 92.5"
Largest on Fly: Wayne Tate - 20"
Best 5 fish on Fly: No entry
Largest by New Member: Herman Yam
William Shriver Award: Randy Chandler - 249"
Grover Cleveland Award: Jay Eiche & Jack Cook - 21.5"

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When: 7/30 @ 7:30 PM
Program: Bruce Ingram
Location: Vienna Fire Station, 400 Center St. South, Vienna, VA

Doors open at 7:00

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Now in our 26th year!

Founded in 1988 and now in its 26th year, the Potomac River Smallmouth Club (PRSC) is the Washington D.C. area's leading river fishing and conservation organization. We promote catch and release angling for smallmouth bass, support conservation organizations and agencies, publish a monthly newsletter, present monthly programs with guest speakers, and organize river trips for our members.  ...more

Bruce Ingram to discuss Virginia smallmouth fishing

July 30th

Author, sportsman, photographer, and conservationist Bruce Ingram will share his wealth of knowledge about fishing for smallmouth bass on the James, New, Shenandoah, and other of our favorite Virginia rivers at the PRSC Club meeting on July 30.

Bruce will speak specifically about topics covered in his two new books -- The South Branch and Upper Potomac Rivers Guide and The Shenandoah and Rappahannock Rivers Guide, 2nd edition.   The South Branch & Upper Potomac Guide covers water from West Virginia’s scenic Smoke Hole Canyon to just upstream of Washington, D.C., before the Great Falls. It includes access areas, descriptions of water hazards, fishing, history, and more.  It also features information on trout fishing in the upper South Branch and tributaries.  The Shenandoah and Rappahannock Rivers Guide is completely revised and updated, covering the South Fork of the Shenandoah, the Main Stem, and the upper Rappahannock Rivers with detailed information on access areas, rapids, history, fishing, and birding.  Both books also include numerous maps.

When not teaching English in the Botetourt County, Virginia, school system, Bruce spends much of his time fishing, hunting, birding, and enjoying the great outdoors. He has been an outdoor writer/photographer since 1983. His extensive knowledge is reflected in the many books he has published, including The James River Guide, The New River Guide, and The Shenandoah/Rappahannock Rivers Guide. One of Bruce's recent books, Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths, covers how to catch smallmouths on fly and spinning rods throughout the year, plus such topics as conservation easements, riparian zone creation/protection, taking kids fishing, canoe camping, birding by canoe, and much more.

Bruce's books on the James, New, and Shenandoah/Rappahannock Rivers cover all float trips available on these rivers, plus information on access points, rapids, fishing hot spots, and trip planning. Paragraph by paragraph, mile by mile, Bruce takes you on a trip down these rivers, so that when you go on your own trips, you will have a safe, productive outdoor experience. Many of our Club members have signed copies of Bruce’s books, which he will be selling and autographing at the July meeting.

Bruce has also sold some 2,100 articles to magazines and some 2,400 photos. He regularly writes for such magazines as Virginia Wildlife, Wildlife in North Carolina, Whitetail Times, Turkey Country, Turkey & Turkey Hunting, Game and Fish Publications, and many others. The Outdoor Writers Association of America has honored Bruce with six writing awards.

You can learn more about Bruce Ingram, as well as purchase his books, by visiting his website.  For those of you able to attend the July meeting, this should be a very interesting and informative evening.  When Bruce spoke at a PRSC meeting a year ago, he posited that the color of your lure has no impact on the fish you catch. Well, after the meeting he went home and wrote an article titled "Confessions of a Color Heretic" that is was published by American Angler. Bruce says he has never received so many e-mails in response to a fishing story. He commented, “to my great surprise, most of the letters have been positive...I was not expecting that.”