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Act today to help fight algae in the Shenandoah!

A personal appeal from Jeff Kelble, President and Shenandoah Riverkeeper, Potomac Riverkeeper Inc.:
Are you tired of the algae in the Shenandoah River? I know I am, and I need your help doing something about it. On August 5th, 2014 Shenandoah Riverkeeper initiated a legal challenge (litigation) against the United States Environmental Protection Agency to compel them to do something about our algae problems.

Click here to download a sample letter and instructions for getting your voice heard in support of this important effort. Read the press release, then follow links to the right of the release.

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New USGS Research

Fsh exposed to estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals may have increased susceptibility to infectious disease. Read the Technical Announcement...

Jeff Kelble named president of Potomac Riverkeeper, Inc.

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Fishing Contest

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2013 Results

Section 1, Biggest Fish: No entry
Section 1, Best 5 Fish: John Lipetz - 87"
Section 2, Biggest Fish: George Moran - 19"
Section 2, Best 5 Fish: Randy Chandler - 87"
Section 3, Biggest Fish: Bill Pearl - 20.5"
Section 3, Best 5 Fish: Bill Pearl - 92.5"
Largest on Fly: Wayne Tate - 20"
Best 5 fish on Fly: No entry
Largest by New Member: Herman Yam
William Shriver Award: Randy Chandler - 249"
Grover Cleveland Award: Jay Eiche & Jack Cook - 21.5"

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Next Meeting

When: 10/22 @ 7:30 PM
Program: Jeff Kelble
Location: Vienna Fire Station, 400 Center St. South, Vienna, VA

Doors open at 7:00

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Now in our 26th year!

Founded in 1988 and now in its 26th year, the Potomac River Smallmouth Club (PRSC) is the Washington D.C. area's leading river fishing and conservation organization. We promote catch and release angling for smallmouth bass, support conservation organizations and agencies, publish a monthly newsletter, present monthly programs with guest speakers, and organize river trips for our members.  ...more

Jeff Kelble is our October speaker

October 22nd

Former club president and current President of Potomac Riverkeeper, Inc., Jeff Kelble will visit us in October. After years of service as the Shenandoah Riverkeeper, Jeff was appointed President of Potomac Riverkeeper, Inc., in July. Jeff's presentations are always packed with details about the state of our local rivers and his organization's efforts to ensure their long-term viability. 

Jeff is well known in the local conservation community and the national Riverkeeper community, having served for over eight years as Shenandoah Riverkeeper. Jeff has also served on the national board of Waterkeeper Alliance since 2012, and recently on two other non-profit boards. During his tenure as Shenandoah Riverkeeper, was the model of what a riverkeeper should be: ever-vigilant and tireless in his efforts to understand and seek remedies to the threats to our local waters. Jeff has conducted and supported extensive research on the threats to the Shenandoah, and worked tirelessly to preserve the river, along with the wildlife and recreation it sustains. Kelble has aggressively gone after major polluters, worked to reform regulations and government behavior, taking legal action when needed, and worked widely with local land owners to mitigate the effects of agricultural activity on the health of the river.

Please join us for what will be an informative and engaging evening for anyone concerned with the state of our local rivers and fish populations.