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Check out Shenandoah Riverkeeper Facebook post on DuPont's proposed clean-up plan to reduce the mercury in South River and South Fork Shenandoah. Instructions are provided for public cmment. Then make sure your representatives in Richmond are aware that you as an avid outdoor person, user of Virginia's outdoor resources and voter are aware of this issue and keep a watch on the Shenandoah Riverkeeper Website and Facebook page for news about this.

Former club President John Lipetz and long-time member Jay Eiche were interviewed in this article about efforts by Shenandoay Riverkeeper Jeff Kelble to have the Shenandoah placed on the "impaired waters" list. Read the article.

"Smallmouth bass do not tolerate pollution well. Therefore they are an indicator of water quality." This is the starting premise of the Chesapeake Bay Foudation's important new report, The Link Between Smallmouth Bass Mortality and Disease and the Need to Reduce Water Pollution in Chesapeake Bay Tributaries. Everyone concerned with water quality in the Cheapeake Bay watershed should read this report.

Download the Potomac Conservancy's 2012 State of the Nation's River Report.

Questions remain 10 years after devastating fish kills on the Shenandoah.


Fishing Contest

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2013 Results

Section 1, Biggest Fish: No entry
Section 1, Best 5 Fish: John Lipetz - 87"
Section 2, Biggest Fish: George Moran - 19"
Section 2, Best 5 Fish: Randy Chandler - 87"
Section 3, Biggest Fish: Bill Pearl - 20.5"
Section 3, Best 5 Fish: Bill Pearl - 92.5"
Largest on Fly: Wayne Tate - 20"
Best 5 fish on Fly: No entry
Largest by New Member: Herman Yam
William Shriver Award: Randy Chandler - 249"
Grover Cleveland Award: Jay Eiche & Jack Cook - 21.5"

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Next Meeting

When: 8/27 @ 7:30 PM
Program: Woodie Walker, Friends of the Rappahannock
Location: Vienna Fire Station, 400 Center St. South, Vienna, VA

Doors open at 7:00

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Randy Chandler
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John Lipetz
Steve Moore
Mark Myers
Ernie Rojas
George Thurston
Jamie Gold 

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Now in our 26th year!

Founded in 1988 and now in its 26th year, the Potomac River Smallmouth Club (PRSC) is the Washington D.C. area's leading river fishing and conservation organization. We promote catch and release angling for smallmouth bass, support conservation organizations and agencies, publish a monthly newsletter, present monthly programs with guest speakers, and organize river trips for our members.  ...more

Friends of the Rap's Woodie Walker speaks in August

August 27th

Our August speaker will be Woodie Walker of the Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR). Woodie’s presentation will be on the past, present, and future of the FOR. He'll also discuss volunteer activities, FOR’s many interpretive trips for the public, and ways FOR can improve cooperation with sports fishermen. He’ll also pass on information from VDGIF biologist John Odenkirk regarding the smallmouth populations on the Rapp and the Rapidan.

Woodie joined Friends of the Rappahannock as Volunteer and Membership Coordinator in August 2013.  A lifelong advocate for environmental stewardship, Woodie’s participation in grassroots efforts dates to the 1980s, while he was serving with the U.S. Air Force in Alaska.  In 2001 he helped found the  Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program, the first Waterkeeper Alliance program in Virginia.  His work with Riverkeeper led to his selection as a finalist for the 2004 National River Hero Award (River Network).

Woodie has worked in the conservation field on the local, state, and federal levels. His duties have included helping agricultural producers implement best management practices and managing erosion and sediment control/storm water programs for local governments. Most recently, he spent two years in West Virginia as an AmeriCorps volunteer, working with non-profits and the U.S. Forest Service in the Monongahela National Forest in Pocahontas County.  Much of his time in the mountains was spent organizing volunteers for watershed restoration projects.

A native of Tidewater, VA, Woodie became fascinated with waterways and wildlife as a child, tagging along behind his father and grandfathers on many outdoor adventures. His father was a BASS club member in the '70s and most of his weekends were spent at campgrounds so his father could fish tournaments. So Woodie naturally loves fishing clubs and the folks they attract. Regarding methods of fishing, Woodie put it this way: “I'll fish with a cane pole and crickets, but I prefer fly fishing.”  He also said he’s “a big fan of smallmouth bass. Fished 'em on the New when I was in school in Blacksburg and on the Greenbrier in West Virginia for the past two years.” He is a member of the Falmouth Flats Fly Fishers.

Woodie has an Associate degree from New River Community College (Dublin, VA) and enjoys guitars, fly fishing and Little League baseball. He has two daughters and two grandsons, all of whom love to fish.

Friends of the Rappahannock was formed in 1985 as a non-profit, grassroots conservation organization.  It includes citizens from all walks of life, whose common goal is to maintain the water quality, living resources, and scenic beauty of the Rappahannock River and its tributaries.  It works with a wide variety of stakeholders, from local governments to elementary students, to educate about the river and to advocate actions and policies that will protect and restore the values that make the Rappahannock River so special.

Woodie can be reached at or (540) 373-3448 x. 117.